They live their DREAM. Do you?

I am representing to you a very inspiring Serbian magic couple that travels the world while modelling and blogging. What is life and do we live it the way we have to, the way other expect it of us, or the way we want to?! Petar Petrovic and Jovana Kokovic are worth all of your attention. This is because they succeeded in letting go of the social barricades around them and step into the adventure of their lives. While learning about themselves and the world we live in, they decided to share their story exclusively for FASHION PASSPORT Magazine. 


FPM: How did your fairytale start?

MC: It all begun three years ago when we first started to travel together via modelling. Our first destination was Shanghai, China and since than we were inseparable. We travel everywhere together now.


FPM: Which countries have you travelled to thus far?

MC: We have been to China, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, India, Italy, Hungary, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Australia, and the last one is Mexico, where we are at the moment.


FPM: What is the most exciting destination you’ve been to and why?

MC: Mexico is definitely at the top of our list on this one. Completely something different as is whole Latin America. There are just so many places to visit. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by beautiful people and language, perfect weather that lives side by side with vibrant music and people. We are just getting started with Latin America, so viva la vida loca is our motto.


FPM: What is the most valuable lesion you’ve learned while on the road?

MC: Hmm… this is a hard one to answer. We are the creators of our lives.


FPM: What drives you to pick your next destination?

MC:  We base our trips on our desires and feelings at the given moment. The more we can travel and see through modelling and blogging the better. However, our biggest dream is yet to be achieved – the NYC. We hope we get there soon!


FPM: What is the craziest thing you did on your trip?

MC:  It might sound strange, but we love to do crazy stuff. We are driven by fun, laughter, dancing, and all the other positive vibes. On our trips we tend to experience these in abundance. In addition, we are ready to do anything for a good photo! For example, we went out on the stage with this famous Spanish singer while he was preforming before thousands of people. We played and singed with him and everyone loved it haha!


FPM: Do you ever plan on ending your trips and going back to ‘ordinary’ lives?

MC: Never! This is to us the greatest fear. Always live your dreams!


FPM:  In which country did the people leave the biggest impression on you?

MC: Definitely in Asia, especially in China. Sadly not in a good way. This is just not for us.


FPM: Do you run away from, or are you searching for something?

MC:  We tend to run from the trivialities of life. We look for new, different, and unique dreams to follow them blindly.


FPM: What is the motto that drives you through life?

MC:  Everything has its representation, and everything happens for a reason. Follow your dreams! One thing is sure: we can all achieve what ever we put our mind to! When we are together, we can do everything, really everything!


FPM: Answer to any questions that I didn’t ask you (this leaves the creative space for you to share something you want, and that I missed out on asking. Maybe some interesting story or situation you guys found yourselves in).

MC: For the end of this beautiful interview I wish to tell you the following. There are few people who embark on an adventure with life. I say be one of them! Don’t be surrounded with dull and uninspiring situations. Take your life in your hands, because no one else can do it for you. Breathe in fully and reach out for your dreams, because they come true. Trust me, I know what I am saying. I live one!

FPM: Let’s enjoy their amazing gallery!


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