Apartment PRIMERA LINEA DE PLAYA / Gandia, Spain

My travels around Spain had finished unplanned in Gandia. And you have to agree that those spontaneous trips are always the best.
Every time I travel somewhere, I realize that the accommodation is just as important as the beach.
The apartment in which I settled took my breath away from the start. The most precious moment, when you take a look outside from the balcony onto the never-ending beach, the sea that intertwines with the sky, and the sound of the powerful waves that makes you feel like you are on the other planet. All the worries disappear. Also the sunrises and the sunsets are something unforgettable at this place. Located perfectly, this accommodation is offering the full comfort. There are two bedrooms, the main area with the kitchen, two bathrooms, long hallway, and my favorite – the balcony. The apartment is equipped by the latest modern high standard. The building also has the private backyard with two pools, sunbeds and the playground for children.
The beach is sandy, clean and endless as far as your eyes can see.
I spent one week in this amazing place and I can only say that this was the vacation I was craving for. I enjoyed every moment of it.
With that being said, I am definitely recommending to everyone to visit Gandia and to find your accommodation at the apartment of Primera Linea de Playa.

You can make a reservation on www.booking.com.

For any further information you can send us an email at fashion.pass@outlook.com.

Enjoy your stay.



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