PAIN IS TEMPORARY. GLORY IS FOREVER. Igor Lucic / three times Rowing World Champion

Guy that wins.

Born in Serbia; lived in America, Azerbaijan, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. He finished studies at the prestigious university, at UC Berkeley.

Before you is Igor Lucic, a three times World Rowing Champion who speaks exclusively for FASHION PASSPORT Magazine.

On 28th of February, in Novi Sad, Serbian indoor Rowing National Championships took place. This time again Igor showed a decisive preparation on given machines setting up his personal best time.

  •  What are the impressions?

Phenomenal! The race was really exhausting, but the result did not lack. Taking all into consideration the season is going in the right direction. I have a feeling that I am entering the best period of my carrier. Let the golden rush being!


  • What are the plans for this year?

First it’s necessary to fulfill the national norms on the water at the end of March and during April. After that we have the World Cup that will take place in Belgrade from 5th till 7th of May. And right afterwards we have the European Championships in Czech Republic. For me personally those are the main races this season. However, I do think too about the World Championships that will take place in the USA at the end of September.

  • You studied and rowed for your college in USA. What was your experience? Life outside of Serbia? Studies at such a prestige university such as UC Berkeley in San Francisco?

It is really hard to describe my life in America, especially at the university, if one was not there to experience it firsthand. People ask me often, is it as crazy as we see on the movies. For me personally it was from time to time, but still that is only one side of the life overseas. There is other perspective too, that rarely who talks about. Something such as training every day at 6am, having second workout in the afternoon while working through hard lectures over the day.

My college experience in USA I first and foremost consider to be the school of life for me. When you realize what it means to be alone, truly alone, than all of a sudden a boy becomes a man. You start thinking about things that you never before even registered. I am talking about everyday choirs: washing your own cloths, ironing, grocery shopping and other house work. That shock was big for me, but I adopted quite fast.

  • What do you do currently? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your sport?

Of course. Generally I don’t stick to one place or one activity for too long, thus I have a tendency to be drawn towards too many different things. Besides rowing, currently I am finishing my nutritional course at Swiss International Institute for Neuropathy and I work as a personal trainer. And if that is not enough, I succeed in modeling occasionally, as too amateur acting and writing.


  • Where do you find the strength to go thorough difficult moments and what motivates you to fight on?

Strength I find in love towards life and my need for new experiences. That is what allows me to go forward even in spite of fear at times. I am an adventures soul and I live for new experiences and accomplishments.



  • What is the biggest lesion that your life gave you?

That is definitely the reality of the transience of time and beautiful moments in life. The fact that some of the amazing moments passed too fast and unnoticed enough on my part is the reminder that I need to celebrate every day on this planet. Every moment is a beauty on it’s own and will never happen again.

  • Describe yourself in three words.

Spirit over matter.

  • Something for the end:

Live your own legend on this planet. That is the only way to truly experience the happiness that your life can give you. Enjoy the journey to your goals as much as if you already accomplished them.

NOTE: I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to join us, and cheer for me and my teammates from 5th to 7th of May at the World Rowing Cup on Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade. We are looking forward to your support on the shores!

With my mom

With my sister

To be the best you have to give your best!


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