Hotel MADISON | Belgrade

All of us sometimes just want to switch off and go somewhere where we can relax and forget all the problems, obligations and stresses in our lives.

Usually we are drawn to far destinations, but sometimes the solution is actually right in front of us.

I discovered MADISON hotel in Belgrade, where I spent three days totally isolated from the outside world. This was the place where I found everything I need to get ready for the really hard strenuous days ahead of me.

The hotel has nine rooms, each one uniquely furnished. I had the pleasure of choosing the Superior King Room.

The sophisticated, minimalistic style was the first thing that caught my eye upon entering the room. Comfy bed, plasma TV, sauna, jacuzzi, AC, wifi-internet, room service and loving personnel, who are at your service 24/7.

I am a quiet and esthetic person and trust me when I say, you can not go wrong with this choice. Especially with the room I stayed in. At places like this I love to just light up some candles and relax to some classical music, all while reading an inspiring book or writing. But what I suggest to do first, is to watch a good movie from a jacuzzi. And yes, that is what I did first!

If you are a foreigner in Belgrade and want to do some sightseeing, this place has a great location near the city center, and it is close to the main bus and railway station, as well as the famous Square Slavija. There you can find all the transfers to and from the airport!



Address: Nemanjina 3 / Belgrade, Serbia

Photo credit: Nadja Karovic



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