BAROQCO Presents Spring/Summer 2019 Jewelry Collection at Paris Fashion Week

The Baroqco Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week this January by designers Eduardo and Imelda Liem.

The city of Paris continues to inspire Baroqco’s designers with their show-stopping pieces. The Liem family travels all around the world to source their inspiration, but Eduardo admits that Place Vendôme was one of the first sparks for the line’s initial beginnings.

”It was that very place when we for the first time encountered a supernatural experience” – the designer shared on the brand’s website. ”The love for exquisite jewelry struck us right there. Since then, a strong burning desire arose to express this powerful vreative energy and the desire to share it with people who would like to experience these feelings we felt at that special place.”

The Drama collection is inspired by the phantom of the Opera. The passion, the emotion of true love that never dies. The clash of beauty and darkness, and yet at the end, because of the combination the story, the collection transforms to true and deeper love.

The collection comes with mask, necklace of extraordinary shapes of a variety made of metal and Swarovski elements. The metal ornaments of leaves and flowers in helmets, mask, crown, necklaces, headpieces with colors reflects the beauty. The style is divided into two series. The pieces of metals are in the shape of helmets, metal body piece with pearls, big metal earrings, bold choker. Where the helmets represents the obscure that live in darkness. And through love the darkness becomes more weak. The usage of Swarovski cristals and pearls make this beauty series complete.

Paris Fashionweek Haute Couture SS 2019


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